Personalized Wave Stamper



You can catch a wave every time you go to the post office or mailbox when you own this personalized return address stamper. It's a fast, affordable way to add a creative look to all your letters, thank-you cards, newsletters, announcements and other mailings. A square border gets a twist with crashing ocean waves in the lower-left corner. Inside the box, we'll customize each stamper with up to four lines (25 letters/spaces per line) of your name and address. The stamp automatically self-inks after each press with a sturdy base to get it aligned exactly where you want.

Custom wave address stampers simplify the mailing process while adding a personal designer touch to everything you send. Instead of needing hours to get large mailings ready, you'll have them ready in minutes or even seconds — and you won't have a weary hand, either. The exclusive artwork in this stamper is only available at Walter Drake. There are several colors such as black, green and purple so you can wave hello to recipients however you like. Order it today for everything from holiday cards to wedding invites!

  • Plastic and rubber
  • Self-inking spring mechanism automatically reloads
  • Self-contained ink pad
  • Stamp measures 2 3/4" high
  • Round impression area measures 1 1/2" diameter
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